Scholarship Fund

Infection Prevention through Education

The Virox scholarship fund has been transferred to our trusted partner Diversey and is now called “Diversey Scholarship Fund”.

Since inception in 2003, over 130 Infection Prevention and Control Professionals from across Canada have received scholarships to attend the annual conference. The dwindling resources for continuing education compromise an ICP’s ability to access leading edge information. In light of this situation, Virox Technologies has committed $20,000 for the 2014 Virox Scholarship Fund to ensure ICP’s have access to the education they deserve.The Virox Technologies Scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible infection prevention and control practitioners in the form of a scholarship to attend the IPAC-Canada National Education Conference.

Congratulations 2014 Virox Scholarship Winners!

Virox would like to congratulate the 2014 IPAC Scholarship winners. Sixteen Infection Prevention & Control Practitioners from across Canada were chosen by the IPAC-Canada Board of Directors.

This year’s winners are: Asha Sheikh, Sherry Palmer, Kate Hoogenboom, Kim Rafuse, Michael Rotstein, Jodi-Marie Black, Melisa Avaness, Yasmine Chagla, Nancy Peddle, Sally MacInnis, Anne Bialachowski, Merlee Steele-Rodway, Natalie Marcello, Heidi Pitfield, Jacqueline Hlagi, Heather Candon.

The 2014 Award Guidelines and On-Line Application is available on the IPAC-Canada website.

Virox Technologies Inc. Announces the Syed A Sattar African Scholarship

We are proud to announce that Virox Technologies Inc. in partnership with ICAN (Infection Control Africa Network) has established a scholarship fund in honour of Dr. Syed A. Sattar.

In recognition of Dr. Sattar’s highly notable scientific career spanning nearly five decades, we at Virox, along with his friends and colleagues in the Canadian infection prevention and control community, were honoured to announce the creation of the scholarship on May 25th at the IPAC 2014 National Conference.

Dr. Syed A. Sattar’s research into the influence of environmental factors on the fate of human pathogens has evolved into hundreds of published papers, several books and book chapters, and scores of addresses to scientific meetings on four continents. He was singularly instrumental in the creation and evolution of the Teleclass Education Lecture Series that now reaches into tens of thousands of hospitals in almost every country on the globe. He is a preeminent authority and trusted advisor to many governments and standard-setting agencies, and his work forms the basis of national and international standards. In the course of Sattar’s remarkable career he has received numerous fellowships, awards, and honours.   The Syed A. Sattar African Scholarship award will enable deserving recipients from an African country, to attend the annual conference of the Infection Control Africa Network.

For more information on Dr. Sattar’s Scholarship Fund please visit: