Competitive Chemistries

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Health Care Health & Safety Association of Ontario Cleaning and Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces  Portable Document Format (119 KB)
Health Care Health & Safety Association of Ontario (HCHSA)
Excerpt:“"Hydrogen Peroxide based formulation was recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care during SARS for the decontamination of equipment and vehicles" "Highlights criteria one should consider when choosing a disinfectant: cleaner, faster, safer, environmentally responsible" ” pg. 3
Disinfection Best Management Practices Portable Document Format (83 KB)
Excerpt:“Health care facilities, dental offices, veterinary clinics, schools, day care centers, and public buildings all use some form of disinfecting. Incorporating disinfection best management practices protects building occupants and the environment.”
Chelators - BioUltra Reagents  Portable Document Format (71 KB)
Excerpt:“The Greek origin of the word chelate signifies the plier-like claws of a crab. A chelate is a water-soluble complex between a metal ion and a complexing agent. It usually does not dissociate easily in solution, but forms an inert complex.”
CREM  Portable Document Format (148 KB)
Syed A. Sattar, Ph.D.
Excerpt:“Dr Syed Sattar states stabilized and accelerated hydrogen peroxide as a safer, environmentally-benign and faster-acting germicide”
Bacterial Resistance to Disinfectants Containing Quaternary Ammonium Compounds  Portable Document Format (52 KB)
Sundheim, G.; Langsrud, S.; Heir, E.; Holck, A. L.; Bessems, E.; Terpstra, P. M. J. (eds.)
This article highlights the abstracts of 8 studies that verify different organism resistance to Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Cleaning Studies of AHP Versus Leading Brands  Portable Document Format (369 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
This article highlights the importance of surfactants and the synergy of non-ionic and anionic surfactants to make a very effective cleaner
Considering risks to healthcare workers from glutaraldehyde alternatives in high-level disinfection.  Portable Document Format (51 KB)
Rideout K, Teschke K, Dimich-Ward H, Kennedy SM.
This article highlights the concerns of glutaraldehyde's toxicity and recommends hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acids as safer alternatives for high level disinfection that do not cause allergic reactions.
Parents Say Students Become Ill after Cleaning Desks to Prevent MRSA  Portable Document Format (128 KB)
Our Valley
Excerpt:“Some Craig County High School students told to clean their desks after each class to prevent staph infections got sick from the cleaning solution, parents reported.”